Citing GSL?

Brett Viren
Thu Mar 9 07:31:00 GMT 2000

Mark Galassi writes:
 >     > Brett Viren writes:
 >     >> Since I used GSL routines to get my final result, I would like
 >     >> to give some credit and cite GSL in my thesis.  Is there a
 >     >> preferred reference to use, such as a preprint or other
 >     >> publication?
 >     Brian> There is no publication to cite at the moment, only the
 >     Brian> website url.
 > That's correct, but you can still make the citation quite
 > formal-looking and the GSL authors can add it to their citation index
 > anyway :-)

Sure. I'll try to come up with something that looks more ``official''
than just a URL.

 > PS: Brett, I finished my PhD in Physics at Stony Brook in 1992 and I
 > also had great praise for free software and its developers in the
 > acknowledgement of my dissertation.  Who's your advisor?

Yes, I noticed this from your web page.  I don't mingle much with the
ITP (now Y(ang)ITP) folks much, but I often see Rocek rambling the
halls in his sandals.

As for praising free software, I am not sure how that can be done
enough.  Without it, we would be very hard pressed to get anything
done.  It does have it's down side however: it's allure tends to
provide fun and interesting things to work on which sidetracks some
(at least me <grin>).

My advisor is Chang Kee Jung who I guess was on the D0 experiment when
you were here (I came in '93).  He now heads his own group and we work
on neutrinos and proton decay (my thesis) with Super-Kamiokande and
K2K in Japan.

Keep up the great work with GSL,

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