Mark Galassi
Fri Feb 25 13:33:00 GMT 2000

Adrian, you're right: it's becoming a tangent, and the archives of
gnu.misc.discuss probably contain it all.

My wife used to always kid around about me writing free software, but
ultimately I notice these things:

(1) I (and just about all other hackers) make good salaries as
    scientists or programmers.

(2) My job, both as a researcher and a hacker, is fun *only* because
    of the availability of free software.  Liking your job is worth a
    lot, and if you are above a certain salary threshold it is
    probably the #1 criterion for a job.

(3) I have frequently had jobs which consisted of supporting free
    software: I have done consulting work of that sort, and I have
    worked as a sysadmin where my job basically consisted of
    supporting free software and customizing it for people.

(4) People who have their name tied to a piece of free software get
    jobs very easily.  It's not just having your name in Linux

Bottom line: I have no complaints and I am not poor.  Nor, I suspect,
is anyone on this list unless they are still students.

And sometimes there is cream on the cake:

(*) Some people (and all authors of GSL) have made little bits of
    money in the Red Hat IPO.  Others got into the VA Linux IPO.

Of course you are free to try to get other satisfactions out of your
spare time, but if you contribute to GSL it will have to be GPLed!

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