Adrian Feiguin
Fri Feb 25 16:16:00 GMT 2000

Hi people! I love your feedback, and it has been very helpful in many
senses. I'm thinking out many ideas. So first: THANK Y'ALL!

1) It was very stupid to "suggest" that I could do propietary software
linking to your libraries.

2) Free software is definitely a source of joy and pleasure for all of us.

3) I really appreciate your effort doing these libraries available for the
scientific community.

Going back to my project.

1) I think that the revenue I can get from selling it would be ridiculous.

2) making my program propietary would mean that I should do it alone, by
myself. I'm not sure if I would be able to do what I want (a masterpiece,
in the state of the art) wihtout contributions from the open source

3) In consecuence, I am doing it GPL! I think that we can make of it a
wonderful application, freely available for all the community.

This is why:

1) To whomever is interested, I am the author of an extension of the GTK
libraries for scientific applications. If particular you would eventually
be interested in taking a look at gtkplot
( )

2) The GUI for my program is pretty advanced, and I would be able to
release a pre-pre-pre-alpha version in few days. These includes all
features for 2D graphics, PS output, and a beautiful control panel.

3) I am posting a call for contributors for a parser and a lizard for the
data analysis tool. To those who are interested I started working on a
webpage: .

Thank you again.
Best regards,

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