Stack trace during binary file execution

Sun Jan 15 00:09:25 GMT 2023

Hello. I apologize for my English, which I do not know =). This text is 
machine translation.

I am interested in the possibility of implementing function call 
tracing. I found a similar utility - strace, which provides a trace of 
system calls. But this system call tracing is limited, allowing you to 
track user functions only indirectly. Therefore, the question is: is it 
possible to implement such a utility? If possible, are there any 
restrictions for this?

The question is not really about pve, but I don't know where else to 
get information on this issue (I didn't get an answer on stackoverflow).

To study the topic, I studied a little the logic of strace, which works 
through ptrace, but I'm not quite sure yet.

If I am writing in the wrong place, then please correct who I can 
contact for a little information.

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