CI scripts

Frank Ch. Eigler
Thu Jan 19 02:42:36 GMT 2023

Simon Marchi via Gdb <> writes:

> [...]
>> I'm wondering whether the CI scripts for your job are available?
>> I'd like to setup a similar job on my CI to avoid similar problems
>> in future.
>> [...]
> Yes, it's on Jenkins, the job description (it uses Jenkins Job Builder)
> is here:
> [...]

(I assume y'all are also aware of, which
runs several gdb build/test variants.)

> It was green for a while (I filter out pre-existing known failures /
> flaky tests in the testsuite, hoping to fix those little by little).  [...]

Yeah, that's an interesting problem.  We're also addressing it within
the bunsen testsuite data analysis gadget also running here on
sourceware, but hopefully with no hard-coded "false-results" lists

- FChE

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