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Jalyn Currie
Mon Jan 16 18:42:17 GMT 2023

Service Agreement Extended
Date: 16-Jan-2023

Dear Subscriber

We appreciate you joining McAfee Total on January 16, 2023. Today marks the end of your previous network shield protection package.

Your McAfee Total membership has been renewed for an additional two years. The additional charge of $389.49 has been processed successfully, and it will soon display on your bank statement.

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Below is your membership details :-

Product : McAfee Ultra Pro Network Shield Protection
Order No : MF-800025561993
Tenure : Two -Years Subscription Plan
Paid By : Credits - Automatic Debit
Amount : $389.49

As authorized by you, your current plan has been upgraded today, it will be valid till January 15, 2025.

On the off chance you experience any issue in this subscription or you wish to drop the charges - kindly reach out to us at  #  +1 (833)-906-0932

Best Regards -

Andrew Smith
Online Customer Helpline Dept.

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