Any concrete plans after the GDB BoF?

Luis Machado
Thu Oct 27 10:47:56 GMT 2022


Having suggested a few topics for the GDB BoF (I noticed they were discussed, to some extent), are there
any concrete plans from the GDB global maintainers (leadership? I don't know how to call it) to address
some of those concerns?

Simon was kind enough to cleanup the patchworks instance, though that is not yet fully integrated into
something we can easily use to do tests/CI. I see the number of unreviewed patches is growing again.

For example, it is not easy to pick a patch to review. You need to locate the entry in your inbox so you
can reply to it.

On formatting, have we considered the benefit of using clang-format for GDB, therefore potentially saving lots of time
in reviews not having to worry about formatting?

Any other topics?


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