gcj debug question

Andrew Dinn adinn@redhat.com
Tue Oct 25 10:48:41 GMT 2022

Hi gdb experts,

I'm hoping there is still enough institutional memory left somewhere in 
this forum to provide info about (the now defunct) DWARF support for 
gcj. Specifically, does anyone have a long enough memory to recall 
whether and, if so, how gcj advertised the presence of Java reflective 
class objects (instances of java.lang.Class) to the debugger?

   - Did it insert linker symbols for e.g. org.my.Foo.class into a 
generated binary?

   - Did it emit DWARF info records with tag DW_TAG_variable and 
associated attributes like name, type, linkage name and location?

   - In the latter case were these records located in the class (tag 
DW_TAG_class) info record or at top level in the same compile unit as 
the class?

Of course, the question assumes that java.lang.Class instances were 
present in the image heap in advance of startup, which may be completely 
unwarranted as they coudl equally be created on demand during program 
bootstrap or normal execution. Correction of any such erroneous 
presumption would be most welcome.

Answers on a (e-)postcard would be much appreciated. Actually, I'd be 
happy just with the name of someone who knows someone who might know.


Andrew Dinn

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