Any concrete plans after the GDB BoF?

Simon Marchi
Fri Oct 28 16:16:34 GMT 2022

On 2022-10-27 06 h 47, Luis Machado via Gdb wrote:
> Hi,
> Having suggested a few topics for the GDB BoF (I noticed they were discussed, to some extent), are there
> any concrete plans from the GDB global maintainers (leadership? I don't know how to call it) to address
> some of those concerns?
> Simon was kind enough to cleanup the patchworks instance, though that is not yet fully integrated into
> something we can easily use to do tests/CI. I see the number of unreviewed patches is growing again.
> For example, it is not easy to pick a patch to review. You need to locate the entry in your inbox so you
> can reply to it.

I do not know of a way to trigger CI tests from Patchwork, that would
perhaps be a question for Mark (added in CC).

On a personal note, coming back from the Cauldron, I set myself a goal
to do more reviews as part of my daily work.  I'm trying to do around 1
hour a day of upstream reviews, and to choose what to review, I use
patchwork, sorting patches by oldest date.  I check if the patch I'm
looking at has already been reviewed, merged, or superseded by a new
version, and if so I update its status.  Rinse and repeat until I find a
patch that needs reviewing.  Otherwise, just looking at my inbox's
gdb-patches folder with thousands of unread messages, I don't know what
to start with.  Just by myself, I certainly won't get through the whole
list of patches pending review, but I think it is a somewhat fair
algorithm.  So in that regard, patchwork is useful for me.

I wanted to send an announcement on the list to say "hey, patchwork has
been cleaned, let's use it!", but I have been procrastinating since I
came back.

> On formatting, have we considered the benefit of using clang-format for GDB, therefore potentially saving lots of time
> in reviews not having to worry about formatting?

This often comes up, I am all for it.  We need someone to write up a
proposal of how this would work (a bit like Bruno did for the
attribution tags).  I might get to it, but I don't promise anything.


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