Proposal to remove Python 2 support

Joel Brobecker
Thu Sep 17 18:16:26 GMT 2020

> > I agree we should be very careful about that, and keep things clear
> > for the users. One the one hand, a full on/off switch, with a clear
> > message "your GDB was configured without Python support" is simple
> > for users to understand. On the other hand, having the API itself
> > depend on what version of Python GDB was built with would make things
> > pretty confusing, in my opinion.
> But that kind of thing is inevitable when one relies on external
> libraries for some of our features.  For example, suppose that the
> source-highlight package learns to highlight sources better -- these
> improvements will only available to users if they upgrade their
> installed source-highlight library before building GDB.  Granted,
> these differences are smaller than entire commands or features
> missing, but they still do exist, and always will.
> So I don't think we should be too worried about this.

I do not agree with this sentiment in general, but this is making me
realize that it's not so easy to categorize things. We can have
guidelines, but each probably deserves to be considered individually.

Taking Tom's feature proposal, however, I feel it would be a mistake
to have it only conditionally based on the version of Python being
used to build GDB.


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