gdbserver - manually modify Makefile

Ran Shalit
Thu Aug 13 20:50:00 GMT 2015


I've  cross compile  gdbserver according to wiki in:
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/gdb-7.9.1/gdb/gdbserver$ sudo ./configure
--host=powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu --disable-werror

But on doing :
I've noticed that it uses the host gcc instead of the cross-compiler gcc.
Only after manually modifying the Makefie with
CC = powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu-gcc
instead of
CC = gcc
It was cross compiling as expected.

Can anyone help me understand what was wrong doing in the above steps?

Since this didn't work as expected I'm afraid that maybe the gdb as I
compiled might also required some manually modifications which I am
not aware of.
These are the steps for gdb build:
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/gdb-7.9.1/$ sudo ./configure
--target=powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu --disable-werror

Thank you for your assistance,

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