Multiprogram teaser

Pedro Alves
Tue Jul 29 13:51:00 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 29 July 2008 14:13:40, Marc Khouzam wrote:

> We are currently preparing Eclipse/DSF to support multi-process debugging,
> both locally and remotely.
> We should have something workable for September.
> But I'm not sure GDB will support this for linux or windows at that time.

Remote multi-process for your OS, certainly; linux, we not there yet, but
it's likelly;  Windows, I may get around to work on it, but unless
someone else steps up, I don't see it happen by September.

> Note that I say "multi-process" and not "multi-program".  The reason
> is that what we are doing will support multi-debugging using
> the 'attach' command.  So, you can imagine having a running system
> with many processes, and you could then attach to multiple ones.

Yeah, in your case, all processes share the same program/exec, and its
libraries.  Thinking in unix terms, it's like debugging a bunch of
forks.  I'm going to be pushing remote GDB support for that next.

> Multi-program, gives me the impression that the debugged processes
> will be started by GDB itself.  

Could also be attached processes.  But, in extension to what you/we've
been doing, we'll be able to attach to processes that run different
execs/programs.  Say attach to both /bin/cat and /bin/echo.

> I believe that is what Stan is 
> aiming at, right?  This would also fit in Eclipse/DSF, but is not
> in our short term planning.  But maybe later...

It's the natural extension of what you/we've been doing.  We're
not there yet to start working on the details of what will have
to evolve on the MI side, on top of the multi process extensions
that Vladimir cooked up.

Pedro Alves

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