Multiprogram teaser

Marc Khouzam
Tue Jul 29 13:34:00 GMT 2008


> This looks good, but points up the limitations of line based debugging
> once you have to handle multiple processors. Realistically 
> this sort of
> approach is going to need some sort of windowing environment 
> to separate
> out the information. Do you have a view of how this might look inside
> gdbtui or ddd or Eclipse? 

We are currently preparing Eclipse/DSF to support multi-process debugging,
both locally and remotely.
We should have something workable for September.
But I'm not sure GDB will support this for linux or windows at that time.

Note that I say "multi-process" and not "multi-program".  The reason
is that what we are doing will support multi-debugging using
the 'attach' command.  So, you can imagine having a running system
with many processes, and you could then attach to multiple ones.

Multi-program, gives me the impression that the debugged processes 
will be started by GDB itself.  I believe that is what Stan is 
aiming at, right?  This would also fit in Eclipse/DSF, but is not
in our short term planning.  But maybe later...


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