Multiprogram teaser

Marc Khouzam
Tue Jul 29 14:58:00 GMT 2008

> > We are currently preparing Eclipse/DSF to support 
> multi-process debugging,
> > both locally and remotely.
> > We should have something workable for September.
> > But I'm not sure GDB will support this for linux or windows 
> at that time.
> Remote multi-process for your OS, certainly; linux, we not 
> there yet, but
> it's likelly;  Windows, I may get around to work on it, but unless
> someone else steps up, I don't see it happen by September.

I think it would be nice from a GDB point-of-view, so, it would be nice
if someone from the community would step up :-)

> > Multi-program, gives me the impression that the debugged processes
> > will be started by GDB itself.  
> Could also be attached processes.  But, in extension to what you/we've
> been doing, we'll be able to attach to processes that run different
> execs/programs.  Say attach to both /bin/cat and /bin/echo.

I had also imagined this as multi-process.  You have a bunch of linux
processes already running and you can attach to multiple ones.
Like, say, vi and emacs.  So, multi-process debugging would work for
long-lived processes.

I thought multi-program would launch different programs, which could
then be short-lived.  But that's how I imagined it...


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