GDB 6.2 release schedule?

Andrew Cagney
Fri Jun 18 15:33:00 GMT 2004

> I think July 1 is too soon to cut the branch.
> native i686-pc-linux-gnu has two regressions from gdb 6.1 to gdb HEAD.
>   gdb/1650  manythreads.exp
>   gdb/1677  [regression] selftest.exp, crash in lookup_symtab
> 1677 is probably easy to fix.  1650 looks significantly deeper.
> The problem with 1650 is that gdb HEAD randomly gets internal errors,
> but gdb 6.1 does not, on the same test script.

These worry me (btw, no one got around to moving selftest.exp to 
testsuite/gdb.gdb/ :-).

> native hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 has regressions in 17 test scripts.
> I estimate there's about 1 real regression bug per 4-5 test scripts,
> so there are about 4-5 real regression bugs to hunt down and fix
> (or document).

But these don't. Presumably being ISA specific its possible to have 
fixes easily pulled into the branch.

There's also a balancing act here.  GDB as a whole should continue to 
improve.  While there are the above regressioins, there are also 
dramatic improvements on other ISAs such as i386 and PPC/PPC64.


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