64bit IRIX support

Jim Blandy jimb@cygnus.com
Tue Feb 17 16:09:00 GMT 1998

ben@sys.toronto.edu (Benjamin Gamsa) writes:

> Hi.  I just downloaded gdb-4.16.85 and joined the mailing list.  I
> may have simply missed something, but I couldn't find any reference
> to the status of 64 bit support under IRIX 6.X.  It seems like it
> shouldn't be all that different from the n32 support that's already
> in there, but it certainly doesn't seem to be supported (the dwarf2read.c
> is missing a few key elements).
> My interest is not actually for IRIX directly, but for a home grown
> system that happens to use the 64bit IRIX compilers.

I think we don't fully support the 64 bit ABI.  If you want to
work on this, Dawn Perchik <dawn@cygnus.com> seems to know a lot about

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