GDB mailing lists are now archived on the web

Jason Molenda
Tue Feb 17 11:45:00 GMT 1998

Hi, with the 4.17 release we're going to establish more means of
communication between users, contributors, and maintainers of GDB.
We've just created some new mailing lists, we'll be putting a GDB web
page together, and all of the mailing lists are now archived on the web
(with hypermail).  If you've seen the EGCS setup, none of this will be
a surprise.

The current GDB mailing lists are

   gdb-announce     moderated announcements only

All have open subscription policies, you can subscribe to them by sending
a note to with the usual 'subscribe $list-name'
message.  You can subscribe to multiple lists in a single message to

The mailing lists are all archived at$list-name .
Things are a little rough right now, please be patient if something
doesn't work right.

I have been negligent in getting back to everyone on the feedback
of 4.16.85, I'm going to do that and issue a new snapshot in a
couple of days.


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