64bit IRIX support

Benjamin Gamsa ben@sys.toronto.edu
Thu Feb 12 15:47:00 GMT 1998

Hi.  I just downloaded gdb-4.16.85 and joined the mailing list.  I
may have simply missed something, but I couldn't find any reference
to the status of 64 bit support under IRIX 6.X.  It seems like it
shouldn't be all that different from the n32 support that's already
in there, but it certainly doesn't seem to be supported (the dwarf2read.c
is missing a few key elements).

My interest is not actually for IRIX directly, but for a home grown
system that happens to use the 64bit IRIX compilers.

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Dept. of C.S., University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. CANADA,  M5S 1A4

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