Attempting Gedit install on Cygwin

Aaron Schneider
Wed Aug 1 22:15:00 GMT 2012

On 01/08/2012 19:31, Mitchell, Tim wrote:
> Hey Cygwin gurus,
> I'm on day 4 of my attempted install of Gedit-3.2.6 and  my frustration
> has surpassed my fear of asking the "stupid question".
> Is this even possible? My OS is Windows 7 Pro and I'm running Cygwin
> version :
> $ cygcheck -V
> cygcheck (cygwin) 1.7.15
> System Checker for Cygwin
> I haven't read anything on "the Web" that leads to me to believe that
> this is an impossible endeavor.
> I've downloaded the gedit-3.2.6.tar, unpacked/extracted it and run the
> Configure file.
> After numerous attempts and after adding XML:: Perl Parsers, adding
> intltool-0.50.2 and Expat 2.1.0 plus anything else it asked for,
> I am now being told that required packages are missing, them being:
> gtksourceview-3.0
> libpeas-1.0
> libpeas-gtk-1.0
> The above packages I did not find under the Cygwin package list. I was
> able to find, download and configure  gtksourceview-3.0
> but it still comes up missing when I re-run the gedit configure. I found
> libpeas-1.4.0 but have not been able to configure it.
> If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be most grateful.

You can't just extract a tar.bz2 to cygwin tree and expect it to work if 
you don't know what you are doing. Probably there are missing 
dependencies or post-install tasks to be done. Since GEdit belongs to 
gnome environment it's not in the default cygwin setup.exe tree, you 
should install it from cyports:

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