Seteuid "operation not permitted" error when using LSA for sshd

David Koppenhofer
Wed Aug 1 18:55:00 GMT 2012

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> On May 29 12:41, Mark Pattie wrote:
> > I have now removed Cygwin completely from the server and reinstalled.
> > I am using the default service account that Cygwin creates for sshd
> > (cyg_server), removed the "create a token object" permission for this
> > account and configured the LSA package but have the same problem. Any
> > advice on troubleshooting this issue further or any insight would be
> > great.
> There's nothing you can do.  I have tested this scenario and it turns
> out that it's a problem with the cyglsa DLL itself, not even related
> to the permissions, but a generic problem.
> I have fixed that in CVS (tested on W7 and XP).  The next developer
> snapshot (I will create one today or tomorrow) on
> will contain this patch.  Just rip the
> cyglsa.dll file from the cygwin-inst-YYYYMMDD.tar.bz2 package, copy
> it to the /bin/cyglsa directory and reboot.  This should hopefully
> fix your problem.  Please report back.
> Thanks,
> Corinna

Hi Corinna,

I'm trying to get Cygwin sshd working with public key authentication on a Server
2008R2 box.  I don't have the "create a token object" permission either, so
followed the information in this thread to try to get LSA working:
I ran the /usr/bin/cyglsa-config script, downloaded the
cygwin-inst-20120530.tar.bz2 snapshot, and extracted the cyglsa64.dll file to

I rebooted the server, made sure the sshd service was running, but I still
receive the "sshd: PID 3064: fatal: seteuid 1000: Operation not permitted" error.

Is there anything else I can try?


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