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Welcome to the home of the Cygwin Ports project.
This project provides Cygwin binary and source packages for a large variety of programs and libraries, including the GNOME, KDE, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, and Xfce desktop environments, and the cygport program used to build packages for the Cygwin distribution.

Project Update

The Cygwin Ports package repository was created in 2004 to provide packages faster than the Cygwin package review process would allow, with the goal of eventually moving them into the Cygwin distribution wherever possible.

The Cygwin Ports maintainer currently owns over 2600 source packages in the Cygwin distribution itself (around 70% of the total), many of which were previously shipped here. Due to time constraints, maintaining those have been the priority, with the packages in the external repository become more and more neglected over time.

Most of the remaining packages could not added to the distribution in their current state, if at all. Therefore, the repository previously hosted here has been removed, with the focus of the project shifting solely on maintaining the Cygwin distribution. It is possible that some of the packages previously shipped here may reappear in the future, but if and when that occurs, it will be into the Cygwin distribution after having been updated and/or rebuilt.


Follow the normal Cygwin installation instructions in order to install any of the packages currently maintained by this project.


Issues with packages provided by Cygwin Ports in the Cygwin distribution should use the usual Cygwin mailing lists. Please, do NOT send messages about the packages previously shipped here to the lists.

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Thank you for your support as we work to port more software to the Cygwin platform.

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