cygwin patch&test workflow? [Re: cygwin does not compile]

Charles Wilson
Fri Oct 16 18:03:00 GMT 2009

Thomas Wolff wrote:
> OK, this time I actually removed cygwin17/bin/cygwin1.dll, then
> rebooted, so no cygwin 1.7 process could be existing. Then I copied
> the previously compiled cygwin0.dll to cygwin17/bin/cygwin1.dll, and
> cygwin does *not* start. This is quite demotivating, honestly. No
> howto available anywhere?

Wrong file. The cygwin build process is somewhat odd: cygwin0.dll is
'just like' cygwin1.dll isn't.  You want to copy
new-cygwin1.dll to /bin/cygwin1.dll.

Don't forget also to copy cygwin1.dbg to /bin/ as well; you'll need it
if you want to debug inside the new dll.

I've been developing a helper script for cygwin kernel developers that
ought to do almost everything you need.  It's still in a fairly rough
state, but I'll post it over if there's demand.

cygdll-build [conf|build|install|pkg|deploy]
                    actually a DESTDIR install, and
                    requires the patch posted to cygwin-patches

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