cygwin patch&test workflow? [Re: cygwin does not compile]

Dave Korn
Fri Oct 16 17:55:00 GMT 2009

Thomas Wolff wrote:

> OK, this time I actually removed cygwin17/bin/cygwin1.dll, then
> rebooted, so no cygwin 1.7 process could be existing. Then I copied the
> previously compiled cygwin0.dll to cygwin17/bin/cygwin1.dll, and cygwin
> does *not* start.
> This is quite demotivating, honestly. No howto available anywhere?

  Well, that usually works, and it ought to be working for you now.  If it
doesn't start up, you've probably run into a real bug; this is certainly the
point at which I'd start trying to debug it.

  When the dll is basically not working, you can use mingw gdb to try and see
what's going on; you're presumably suffering some sort of crash in early startup.

  Other things to try might be seeing if the dll built without
--enable-debugging also fails, and whether straceing sheds any light on the


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