cygwin patch&test workflow? [Re: cygwin does not compile]

Thomas Wolff
Fri Oct 16 17:13:00 GMT 2009

Dave Korn wrote:
> Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> I remember to somehow manage the troubles when I made previous patches
>> some years ago but I can hardly believe I'm supposed to reboot for every
>> try-and-test cycle while developing a cygwin patch.
>   You're not.  You're supposed to *actually* stop *all* running cygwin
> processes before replacing the DLL - not just the ones you're "sure" about!
> The fact that you get a collision proves that you must have omitted something.
OK, this time I actually removed cygwin17/bin/cygwin1.dll, then 
rebooted, so no cygwin 1.7 process could be existing. Then I copied the 
previously compiled cygwin0.dll to cygwin17/bin/cygwin1.dll, and cygwin 
does *not* start.
This is quite demotivating, honestly. No howto available anywhere?


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