trailing spaces in 1.7.0

Corinna Vinschen
Tue May 13 11:53:00 GMT 2008

On May 12 12:58, Eric Blake wrote:
> I still don't know why coreutils compiled under 1.5.x fails when run under 
> 1.7.0, but that's probably irrelevant, as I am now focusing on building 
> coreutils-1.11 under 1.7.0.  I just verified that the 1.7.0 image, using 
> openat() and friends, has no problem with "rm -Rf 'tdir '".
> However, there definitely is a bug:
> $ mkdir 'tdir '
> creates 'tdir\uf020', but.
> $ mkdir 'tdir /'
> creates 'tdir ', and all subsequent attempts to stat() or open() "tdir " 
> fail with ENOENT.  It took 'rmdir tdir~1', and relying on the DOS 8.3 short 
> name, to get rid of it.  So, the code that munges trailing spaces and dots 
> needs to strip trailing slashes before doing the munging.

I can easily fix that, it's a two-liner.  However, that raises the
question if it's the right thing to do.  Is it really necessary to
convert trailing dots and spaces?  Is it really a problem if Win32
applications can't access these files?  I'm a bit unsure if that's
not too indulging...


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