stat(2) wierdness

Conrad Scott
Sun Jun 2 15:32:00 GMT 2002

"Earnie Boyd" <> wrote:
> I thought that your post met the "Discussions of upcoming net releases
> are also appropriate" rule but I must have been wrong.  Perhaps stronger
> attention to "Heads up before net release" or a different subject would
> have made the post clearer as to your intent.  Suggesting that you're
> looking for the bug to squash may have also helped.

That was much my thinking really: Chris had said that a new release was on
its way and so people should flag up problems with it. And in this
particular case I wasn't about to try and fix it since I knew Chris was
already working in that area.

Then again, the original "The road to 1.3.11 -- please try the latest
snapshot" message was posted in the *cygwin* mailing list and not here, so I
should have stayed there.

This all feels like I'm trying to justify myself so I should stop but then
again I suppose I felt a bit miffed by Chris's original reply. Perhaps if it
had read "Thanks for the bug report but . . ." rather than just containing
that (gentle) reprimand.

Ah well, I see the bug's fixed so all's well that ends well.

Best to all,

// Conrad

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