stat(2) wierdness

Christopher Faylor
Sun Jun 2 18:24:00 GMT 2002

On Sun, Jun 02, 2002 at 11:33:03PM +0100, Conrad Scott wrote:
>"Earnie Boyd" <> wrote:
>> I thought that your post met the "Discussions of upcoming net releases
>> are also appropriate" rule but I must have been wrong.  Perhaps stronger
>> attention to "Heads up before net release" or a different subject would
>> have made the post clearer as to your intent.  Suggesting that you're
>> looking for the bug to squash may have also helped.
>That was much my thinking really: Chris had said that a new release was on
>its way and so people should flag up problems with it. And in this
>particular case I wasn't about to try and fix it since I knew Chris was
>already working in that area.
>Then again, the original "The road to 1.3.11 -- please try the latest
>snapshot" message was posted in the *cygwin* mailing list and not here, so I
>should have stayed there.
>This all feels like I'm trying to justify myself so I should stop but then
>again I suppose I felt a bit miffed by Chris's original reply. Perhaps if it
>had read "Thanks for the bug report but . . ." rather than just containing
>that (gentle) reprimand.

Sorry, I did mean to thank you for the bug report.

>Ah well, I see the bug's fixed so all's well that ends well.

Is it fixed?  That's good to hear.

I'm sorry that I took the opportunity to respond to your particular
message.  You'll see that this list has had many such messages in the
past.  I certainly wasn't incensed or anything.  (Now I'm trying to

Maybe I'm being overly pedantic.  It's just that I would prefer that
this be a place where we can be pleasantly surprised by in-depth
analysis of problems.

In this case, however, you are perfectly right.  I had been working
on the code in question, so it would have probably been a duplication
in effort for you to look into it.

So, now I've talked myself into believing that my no bug report policy
is silly.  I guess we should play it by ear.  I'd prefer analysis but if
you know that someone is already looking into the problem, there is
obviously no reason to dive very deeply into a problem unless someone
asks you to do so.


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