stat(2) wierdness

Earnie Boyd
Sun Jun 2 14:57:00 GMT 2002

Conrad Scott wrote:
> "Christopher Faylor" <> wrote:
> > I guess it's time for my periodic "this is not a bug reporting mailing
> > list" observation.
> >
> > If you are going to post here, there is an assumption that you have done
> > more than just notice a bug.  It's called "cygwin-developers" becuase
> > the hope is that you will track down the problem more thoroughly than a
> > normal cygwin mailing list message.
> >
> > Bug reports are fine in the cygwin mailing list.  The bar is a little
> higher
> > here.
> My apologies: I hadn't realised that there was quite such a restrictive
> notion of posting in this group. It seemed appropriate to post here since
> the bug report applied to an unreleased (therefore, a developer only?)
> version.
> I'm just learning the ropes here: I'll try to be a good boy in future.

cygwin-developers: a by-approval developers list for discussing the
internals of the Cygwin DLL and all components of the "winsup" directory
with the exception of the cinstall directory (see cygwin-apps above).
Discussions of upcoming net releases are also appropriate. Subscription
requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Only subscribers may
submit email to this list. Please do not join the cygwin-developers
mailing list unless 1) you are thoroughly familiar with the cygwin DLL,
2) you have successfully built the DLL from source, and 3) you intend to
contribute source code to the Cygwin DLL or its utilities.

I thought that your post met the "Discussions of upcoming net releases
are also appropriate" rule but I must have been wrong.  Perhaps stronger
attention to "Heads up before net release" or a different subject would
have made the post clearer as to your intent.  Suggesting that you're
looking for the bug to squash may have also helped.


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