stat(2) wierdness

Conrad Scott
Sun Jun 2 14:32:00 GMT 2002

"Christopher Faylor" <> wrote:
> I guess it's time for my periodic "this is not a bug reporting mailing
> list" observation.
> If you are going to post here, there is an assumption that you have done
> more than just notice a bug.  It's called "cygwin-developers" becuase
> the hope is that you will track down the problem more thoroughly than a
> normal cygwin mailing list message.
> Bug reports are fine in the cygwin mailing list.  The bar is a little
> here.

My apologies: I hadn't realised that there was quite such a restrictive
notion of posting in this group. It seemed appropriate to post here since
the bug report applied to an unreleased (therefore, a developer only?)

I'm just learning the ropes here: I'll try to be a good boy in future.

// Conrad

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