setup: icons, shortcuts, and batch files

DJ Delorie
Tue Jul 11 14:30:00 GMT 2000

> > It would give me a nice warm feeling if it gave me feedback telling me
> > that the download completed successfully.
> I'll add something.

I added a "download complete" messagebox.

> > While windows explorer is still visiting directory foo, double-clicked on
> > dj-setup.exe.  Chose "Install from Current Directory".  In the next
> > window, the text area is empty.  I had expected to get a suggested default
> > location, or at least a warning to use something other than C:\.
> I'll check into it.

I set the defaults to be <windrive>:/cygwin, binary mounts, user hive.

> > At this point, if I click on the Browse button, dj-setup crashes.  But, if
> > I first enter anything into the text area, then there's no crash and the
> > "Browse for Folder" window pops up.
> I'll debug this one.

I fixed the crash, but of course now the only way to get it to crash
is to manually delete the default root path.

> > BASH.EXE: /bin/mkgroup: Permission denied
> I don't think mkgroup works under Win9x.  I'll
> hide the error message.

I hid it, but please tell me if it does the right thing - I have NT,
where it works.

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