setup: icons, shortcuts, and batch files

Jeffrey Juliano
Tue Jul 11 15:58:00 GMT 2000


The problem of not being able to start cygwin/bash by double-clicking the
icon is now fixed.

DJ Delorie wrote:

> > > BASH.EXE: /bin/mkgroup: Permission denied
> >
> > I don't think mkgroup works under Win9x.  I'll
> > hide the error message.
> I hid it, but please tell me if it does the right thing - I have NT,
> where it works.

That message is now hidden.  I only see

   Creating /etc/passwd
   Creating /etc/group

But, I still get a dialog box popping up (actually 2, one for mkpasswd
and one for mkgroup) telling me:

 -- Error Starting Program ------------------------------------
 |                                                            |
 |    The MKGROUP.EXE file is                                 |
 |    linked to missing export NETAPI32.DLL:NetApiBufferFree. |
 |                                                            |

I have zero-byte files /etc/passwd and /etc/group.  I guess that either
mkpasswd and mkgroup need to be patched, or /etc/profile should just
create empty /etc/passwd and /etc/group files.

...Looks like mkpasswd.c can be patched to not call NetApiBufferFree if
on win9x?  Sorry, I don't know anything about this API so I'm not much

One more thing.  Is there a list somewhere of what values are used for
things like MANPATH if they aren't set?  I'm converting my startup files
from cygwin-1.0 to the net release, and it seems that some of the things
I used to do aren't necessary anymore.  Perhaps a todo for the FAQ could
be to state *all* of assumptions for unset env vars.  (I know they're
already stated for the CYGWIN env variable and (I think) for TERM, but
I'm thinking about some other non-cygwin1.dll env variables like INFOPATH

Oh, is it still necessary to unset MAILCHECK?  If so, that should
probably go in /etc/profile?


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