setup: icons, shortcuts, and batch files

Jeffrey Juliano
Tue Jul 11 14:20:00 GMT 2000

DJ Delorie wrote:
> Jeffrey Juliano wrote:

> > BASH.EXE: /bin/mkgroup: Permission denied
> I don't think mkgroup works under Win9x.  I'll
> hide the error message.

The error message I observed was due to my system being misconfigured. 
Apparently (I'm not a windows expert), C:\windows\system should have been
in my path as set by autoexec.bat, but it wasn't for some reason.  After
fixing autoexec.bat and removing /etc/group, I rebooted and didn't see
this error message.

> > C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM /E:4096 /c d:/cygwin/cygwin.bat
> This I just fixed a few minutes ago :-)




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