Scallywag glitch with texlive-collection-* packages

Brian Inglis
Mon Sep 14 20:11:34 GMT 2020

On 2020-09-14 05:47, Jon Turney wrote:
> On 13/09/2020 23:48, Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>> Jon,
>> All texlive-collection-* packages are noarch.  This is defined in
>> texlive.cygclass, so scallywag doesn't see it.  I just let scallywag

> Yeah, this is an unfortunate consequence of trying to guess this stuff by
> looking at the .cygport, rather than running (some yet to be written mode of)
> cygport to process it and output the needed information.
> I've made scallywag aware that 'inherit texlive' implies noarchness, so it
> should get it right going forward.

Any changes made or needed in cygport or scallywag for mingw64 packages?
I've rebuilt and reuploaded both Mingw curl noarches to see if they make it.

I found that for cygport NAME must be a hardcoded constant string not requiring
script evaluation; hopefully other content is evaluated in the script context
and does not also require to be hardcoded constants.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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