Scallywag glitch with texlive-collection-* packages

Tue Sep 15 05:34:06 GMT 2020

Brian Inglis writes:
> Any changes made or needed in cygport or scallywag for mingw64 packages?
> I've rebuilt and reuploaded both Mingw curl noarches to see if they make it.

If you're just trying out things push to the playground branch and
iterate it there until it works.  You can force-push to this branch and
delete it afterwards if you want.

You still haven't added the necessary BUILD_REQUIRES correctly.  Btw,
ZStandard is available both natively and for mingw64 in Cygwin.

> I found that for cygport NAME must be a hardcoded constant string not requiring
> script evaluation; hopefully other content is evaluated in the script context
> and does not also require to be hardcoded constants.

You need to lose that $XARCH monkey business as well.  Scallywag just
looks at the file, it doesn't evaluate anything.

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