Autogenerate ChangeLog commits

Jose E. Marchesi
Wed May 12 10:17:37 GMT 2021

>>> This patch causes a regression in the ld tests:
>>> FAIL:Thumb-Thumb farcall v8-M Mainline
>>> Can you check?
>> Even worse, no ChangeLog entry was committed! ;-)
>> Everyone,
>> On the more serious side, how about adopting the wonderful gcc
>> commit-hook and scripts that takes care of this, already?
>> I'm sure most other people, including me, will eventually forget
>> about it committing ChangeLog entries too.
>> brgds, H-P
>> PS. Not a debate about having ChangeLogs at all, please.
> Apologies, I thought we /had/ adopted the GCC model, which is why the
> commit log contains
> bfd/
> 	* elf32-arm.c (using_thumb2): Correctly handle Tag_THUMB_ISA_use
> 	values 0 and 3.
> My vote would be for consistency with the other repos; there's nothing
> worse than having subtly different rules for each project.
> I can put up with things not being 100% optimal if they are
> consistent.   But not 100% optimal and inconsistent is just a
> nightmare.

+1 for adopting the GCC changelog related scripts and workflow in

Actually, if these scripts would find their way into gnulib I would
certainly use them as well in my other projects.

They make backporting almost a pleasurable experience ;)

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