top-level changes lost in sync

DJ Delorie
Thu Nov 15 02:26:00 GMT 2012

> Since my change was approved here and nobody told me otherwise,

Checkin rules are documented in the toplevel MAINTAINERS file:

    Makefile.*; configure;; src-release
	Any global maintainer can approve changes to these
	files, but they should be aware	that they need to
	be kept in sync with their counterparts in the GCC
	repository.  Also please notify the following of
	any committed patches:

> If verbatim copying without regard to divergence is the policy,

It is not.  H.J.'s copy of one repo to the other was incorrect.

> The patch below restores the wrongly-reverted change.  How do I get this
> in so it won't be clobbered again?

What you did is correct, but patches should be committed to both src
and gcc (preferably by the author ;) to keep them in sync.  There is
no automatic process to sync them; any such attempt should review all
patches to *both* repos and apply missing patches *as* patches.

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