Failure building

Michael Eager
Wed Nov 15 00:40:00 GMT 2006

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 01:18:58PM -0800, Michael Eager wrote:
>> I'm building insight-6.5 (latest, fixed download) on an older
>> version Cygwin system which does not have makeinfo installed.
>> The build fails attempting to build
>> There seem to be several things which are not right.
>> 1) The tarfile includes  There shouldn't be any need
>>    to rebuild it.  (I even touched after untarring
>>    to insure that make calculated the dependency correctly.)
>> 2) There's a warning message that makeinfo is missing which
>>    says that this would only be needed if a .texi or .texinfo
>>    was modified.  None of these files were modified.
> Same cause for these.  It probably rebuilt (or tried to) the generated
> files produced by "chew".  Try touching those instead.

This is the workaround:
touch bfd/doc/archures.texi
touch bfd/doc/

>> 3) When the make decides that it needs to build, it
>>    cd's to the SOURCE directory, creates a backup directory,
>>    and moves, etc., to the backup directory.  It then
>>    runs makeinfo, which fails, and it attempts to restore
>>    from the backup directory.  Which doesn't appear to
>>    happen.  It then deletes the backup directory and exits
>>    with an error code.
>>    Why is this building in the SOURCE directory?
>>    This just seems to be the wrong thing to do.
> Automake.  There's roughly nothing we can do about this code, I'm
> afraid.  I've tried several times.

Bad automake. Bad! Bad!

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