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Re: [PATCH v2] MIPS support for GNU hash

Hi Mihailo,

>   This patch is a reimplementation of [1] which was submitted in 2015 by
> Neil Schellenberger.  

The patch looks fine.  There are just two issues, one small, one maybe not 
so small.  The small issue is that the patch introduces two new failures 
into the linker testsuite for a mips-irix toolchain:

  FAIL: ld-mips-elf/hash1
  FAIL: ld-mips-elf/hash2

I believe that these are caused by this particular configuration introducing
its own entry into the hash table, so that instead of the expected two entries
there are now three.  Please could you check and either xfail these tests for
that particular target or else update the regexps to allow for the extra entry.

The bigger issue is that according to my check RT-KT have only provided copyright
assignments for gcc, gdb and glibc.  But not the binutils:

  GCC GDB GLIBC RT-RK Computer Based Systems LLC	2017-09-05
  Assigns past and future changes.
  Milenko Beric (CFO)

Please could you check this, and if I am correct, ask whomever is in charge of
this sort of thing if they could extend their copyright assignment to include
the binutils.  Thanks.


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