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Re: [PATCH] Fix "/*" within comment warning

On Mar 22 15:08, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 03/22/2016 02:32 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>> -/* These types are required by netinet/*.h on Cygwin */
> >>>> -#if __BSD_VISIBLE || defined(__CYGWIN__)
> >>>> +#if __MISC_VISIBLE
> >>>>   #ifndef _BSDTYPES_DEFINED
> >>>>   /* also defined in mingw/gmon.h and in w32api/winsock[2].h */
> >>>>   #ifndef __u_char_defined
> >>>
> >>> That only works if the parts of our netinet/*.h which use these are
> >>> similarly guarded, or their struct members converted to the u_intN_t
> >>> types
> >>> (as in netinet/ip6.h).'
> >>
> >> Again, the same headers in Linux use the same types, and these
> >> headers do NOT use similar guards.  They just include sys/types.h
> >> and expect these types to exist.  If that's good enough for glibc...
> > 
> > Not sure I understand; `grep -r __USE_ /usr/include/netinet/' shows lots
> > of __USE_MISC and even a __USE_GNU ...
> POSIX reserves the _entire_ *_t namespace to the implementation, so it
> is NOT considered namespace pollution to blindly always expose u_int8_t
> and friends from <sys/types.h>, without needing to guard those names
> behind certain feature macros.  Note, however, that u_char does NOT fall
> into the same boat, and that you must not pollute u_char into the arena
> without appropriate guards.  And it is a different question altogether
> on whether it is nice to blindly expose non-standard but reserved names
> that POSIX saved for us, or whether it is nicer to still require apps to
> request those non-standard names with a feature macro.

Even though some glibc headers check if __USE_MISC is set before using
u_char, u_short and friends, some like fts.h and resolv.h don't.  The
only reason I can think of not to do that is if the headers are viewed
as being BSD headers, so the existence of the aforementioned types is


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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