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Re: Setup non-pushing gerrit instance for glibc.

On Friday, October 25 2019, Joseph Myers wrote:

> On Thu, 24 Oct 2019, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
>> * Try to setup email based code review in gerrit.
>>   - Currently email is outbound only.
>>   - We are looking at how to make it entirely email based, but tracked
>>     in gerrit.
> Right now gerrit is sending bounces for any email replies I send, despite 
> having set up a gerrit account to be able to reply, which 
> <> suggests 
> ought to suffice.  Both before and after setting up an account it sent the 
> same bounce:
>   Gerrit Code Review was unable to parse your email.
>   This might be because your email did not quote Gerrit's email, because 
>   you are using an unsupported email client, or because of a bug.
>   Thus, no actions were taken by Gerrit in response to this email, and you 
>   should use the Gerrit website to continue.
>   This email was sent in response to an email coming from this address. In 
>   case you did not send Gerrit an email, feel free to ignore this.
>   This is a send-only email address.  Replies to this message will not be 
>   read or answered.--
> Note: of course I didn't quote the junk from gerrit's email footer, I 
> quoted only the relevant context I wanted to comment on.  Gerrit needs to 
> identify what issue is being commented on either from References / 
> In-Reply-To headers, or from e.g. an issue number in the subject line (I 
> think the latter is what Bugzilla uses, at least it doesn't expect 
> anything in particular to be quoted from its outgoing messages).  It ought 
> to work with nothing quoted from the email being commented on, or with 
> selected text being quoted and commented on (but I suppose it's also a 
> good idea for it to have enough smarts to discard a full email quoted in a 
> top-post, I think Bugzilla automatically discards everything starting 
> after a "-- " signature start line).

Unfortunately, you do need to quote the content from the email footer.
I agree that gerrit should be able to keep track of Message-Id's and
match the replies using In-Reply-To, but unfortunately it doesn't do
that.  It relies on the information present at the quoted footer to
determine which change the email refers to.

I was also surprised by this when I was configuring the email support,
because we had disabled the inclusion of the footer in all changes, and
I started getting bounces as well.  I had to re-enable the footer in
order to get everything working.


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