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Re: Setup non-pushing gerrit instance for glibc.

On Thu, 24 Oct 2019, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> * Try to setup email based code review in gerrit.
>   - Currently email is outbound only.
>   - We are looking at how to make it entirely email based, but tracked
>     in gerrit.

Right now gerrit is sending bounces for any email replies I send, despite 
having set up a gerrit account to be able to reply, which 
<> suggests 
ought to suffice.  Both before and after setting up an account it sent the 
same bounce:

  Gerrit Code Review was unable to parse your email.

  This might be because your email did not quote Gerrit's email, because 
  you are using an unsupported email client, or because of a bug.

  Thus, no actions were taken by Gerrit in response to this email, and you 
  should use the Gerrit website to continue.

  This email was sent in response to an email coming from this address. In 
  case you did not send Gerrit an email, feel free to ignore this.

  This is a send-only email address.  Replies to this message will not be 
  read or answered.--

Note: of course I didn't quote the junk from gerrit's email footer, I 
quoted only the relevant context I wanted to comment on.  Gerrit needs to 
identify what issue is being commented on either from References / 
In-Reply-To headers, or from e.g. an issue number in the subject line (I 
think the latter is what Bugzilla uses, at least it doesn't expect 
anything in particular to be quoted from its outgoing messages).  It ought 
to work with nothing quoted from the email being commented on, or with 
selected text being quoted and commented on (but I suppose it's also a 
good idea for it to have enough smarts to discard a full email quoted in a 
top-post, I think Bugzilla automatically discards everything starting 
after a "-- " signature start line).

Joseph S. Myers

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