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Re: In a cross-compile do host and build need exactly the same tools?

On Mon, 22 Oct 2018, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> It looks like we would require python 3.4 on the host, even
> in a cross-build environment to get clean test results.
> Is it a general principle that we require exactly the same tools on build
> and host to get clean test results?

It's known that if the host doesn't have the Python program found by 
configure on the build system then the pretty-printers tests fail.  
Likewise one rpcgen test using cpp.  See 

(However, tests run mtrace on the build system, so it doesn't matter for 
test purposes whether the host has Perl at the same path it was found on 
the build system - although, logically, it's a defect to share 
configuration between paths to Perl on the two systems, and if we change 
mtrace into a Python 3 script it would similarly be a defect to share 
configuration of the Python 3 path; using standard paths 
"#!/usr/bin/<interpreter>" or "#!/usr/bin/env <interpreter>" or else 
having a way to configure such paths separately for the two systems would 
be best.)

Joseph S. Myers

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