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In a cross-compile do host and build need exactly the same tools?


This came up in the proposal discussion for python 3.4.

Given these lines in Rules:

293 # Static pattern rule that matches the test-* targets to their .c and .py
294 # prerequisites.  It'll run the corresponding test script for each test program
295 # we compiled and place its output in the corresponding .out file.
296 # The pretty printer files and must be present for all.
297 $(tests-printers-out): $(objpfx)%.out: $(objpfx)% %.c $(pretty-printers) \
298                        $(..)scripts/
299         $(test-wrapper-env) $(py-env) \
300             $(PYTHON) $*.py $*.c $(objpfx)$* $(pretty-printers) > $@; \
301         $(evaluate-test)
302 endif
303 endif

Particularly to execute the pretty printer tests written in python
wtih PExpect and gdb.

It looks like we would require python 3.4 on the host, even
in a cross-build environment to get clean test results.

Is it a general principle that we require exactly the same tools on build
and host to get clean test results?


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