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Re: [PATCH v2] Enable VDSO on statically linked programs.

* Rafael Avila de Espindola:

> "Florian Weimer" <> writes:
>> * Rafael Avila de Espindola:
>>> The new version has fixed the indentation of preprocessor directives
>>> and changed a few tests to also be linked statically. The tests don't
>>> show that the VDSO is being used, but show that the functions now
>>> using the VDSO still work.
>> What's the size impact on binaries which did not need rtld before?
> In a trivial program that just calls clock_gettime and printf size
> reports:
>  text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
>  641724   20940    6016  668680   a3408 t-glibc
>  642500   20940    6048  669488   a3730 t-glibc-vdso
> So it looks like most of the relevant code was already being linked in.

Hmm, right.  printf pulls in dlopen (via libio and gconv), so it is not
the right symbol test.

It currently seems to be impossible to link without dlopen because libio
is always included.  However, we want to remove the dependency of libio
(and NSS) on dlopen in the static case, so eventually, that will change.

I guess once this has happened, we can probably build a stripped-down
version of rtld just for processing the vDSO.


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