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Re: V7 test-in-container patch

On 08/16/2018 01:57 AM, DJ Delorie wrote:

Hurd doesn't have unshare, so you need to avoid building the container
framework there.

Is it OK to return UNSUPPORTED for those?  I don't think it makes sense
to try to work around the whole containerized-test setup if containers
are missing.

UNSUPPORTED would work there. If the Hurd maintainers do not like it, we could probably filter out test-containers tests there.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 kernel doesn't seem to like this
combination of flags, even as root:


Is CLONE_NEWPID really required?

Yes.  You can't mount /proc without it.  Don't ask me why ;-)

Can you perform a bind mount of the existing /proc instead? Maybe you can drop the CLONE_NEWPID this way.

If the bind mount doesn't work, I suggest to ask internally what our kernel needs to get this working.

My concern about the over-use of FAIL_UNSUPPORTED and the UNSUPPORTED
test status in the container framework remains.  Sure, there are some
things that can fail due to missing host support, but e.g. a fork file
shouldn't lead to UNSUPPORTED, but FAIL.

I replaced them all with FAILs.  I was trying to keep "failure of the
test" separate from "failure of the test harness" but I'm OK with it
either way.

It's hard to draw a line. Fork failures in particular tend to leak between tests because of kernel bugs (still unfixed upstream, unfortunately).


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