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Re: Use to generate ulps table for manual

* Carlos O'Donell:

> It is a question of interest really. Fedora has the technical ability
> to deliver a bootstrap that happens routinely, but I don't see the
> motivation to do so.

Sorry, this sounds … very unconvincing.

This is a capability that deteriorates very quickly if you do not
continuously exercise it.

We can't even do periodic (say weekly) mass rebuilds in Fedora, and we
know that there are uses for that, such as generating accurate markup
(be it annobin or CET) based on the latest toolchain fixes.

>> Andreas' setup is very good for detecting certain types of build
>> issues, and I wouldn't want to lose that.
> I assume you are arguing that a full bootstrap would take much longer
> than the set of packages Andreas identifies. Please make such assertions
> clear.

It's also much more brittle because as the Fedora experience shows, it
is very difficult to keep even the core of the distribution in a
permanently buildable state.  So it's not purely about speed.

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