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Re: Use to generate ulps table for manual

On Aug 13 2018, Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:

> Even in Fedora where we do stage1/2/3 boostrapping, we have to build
> glibc much later to enable manual building because we haven't yet
> built the tex packages.

texinfo does not require tex.

Currently the following packages are part of the bootstrap cycle:

acl, attr, audit, autoconf, automake, bc, binutils, bison, bzip2, cpio,
cracklib, dejagnu, dwz, e2fsprogs, ed, elfutils, expect, fdupes, file,
findutils, flex, gawk, gcc, gcc8, gdbm, gettext-runtime-mini, glibc,
gmp, gpm, gzip, help2man, isl, keyutils, krb5-mini, libcap, libcap-ng,
libdb-4_8, libnsl, libselinux, libsemanage, libsepol, libtirpc, libtool,
libustr, libverto, libzio, linux-glibc-devel, lua-macros, lua53, m4,
make, mpc, mpfr, ncurses, pam, patch, pcre, perl, perl-Text-Unidecode,
perl-gettext, pkg-config, popt, readline, rpm, screen, shadow,
system-user-root, system-users, systemd-rpm-macros, systemtap-headers,
sysuser-tools, tcl, tcpd, texinfo, update-alternatives, utempter,
util-linux, which, xz, zlib


Andreas Schwab, SUSE Labs,
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