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Re: [PATCH] update libm-test-ulps for new exp

On Thu, 19 Jul 2018, Wilco Dijkstra wrote:

> Would it be feasible to include a generic ulp file which sets the 
> expected ulps into the target ulp files that add or override such 
> settings? That way most ulp files could be significantly reduced and 
> only targets with special formats may need to have more entries. Also 
> this would make it clearer when there are anomalies and possible ulp 
> errors that need to be fixed.

One could construct various such schemes, yes, at least for float and 
double ulps (but being able to share ldbl-128 ulps would be a good idea as 
well, including the same ulps being used for long double on some platforms 
and _Float128 on others, it's not as if there are architecture-specific 
ldbl-128 functions beyond fully-determined ones such as sqrtl and fmal - 
though there are architecture variations in whether multiply and add might 
get fused for float128).

I'd suggest a requirement for any such scheme should be code sharing 
between ulps file parsing for libm tests ( and the manual 
(  We probably want to finish getting consensus on the 
use of Python to replace Perl (and possibly awk) in the build first.

Joseph S. Myers

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