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Re: [PATCH] update libm-test-ulps for new exp

Joseph Myers wrote:

> That runs into e.g. different long double formats (so you'd need ulps 
> files to specify format names, not "ldouble", which is a good idea anyway, 
> and then you'd need to select appropriate files depending on long double 
> format - and you don't really want to duplicate the sysdeps etc. logic 
> that selects long double formats, but you also have the tables of ulps 
> generated for the manual, which does not depend on the glibc configuration 
> and does not know what configurations use what sysdeps directories, so 
> maybe the tables in the manual would also need rearranging somehow to have 
> generic and architecture-specific ulps).

Would it be feasible to include a generic ulp file which sets the expected ulps into the 
target ulp files that add or override such settings? That way most ulp files could be 
significantly reduced and only targets with special formats may need to have more 
entries. Also this would make it clearer when there are anomalies and possible
ulp errors that need to be fixed.


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