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Re: 2.26 release blockers?

On 30/06/2017 17:44, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> Siddhesh,
> I added 2 release blockers:
> The /etc/resolv.conf reloading and tcache are two important pieces of
> work that I'd like to see go out this release.
> What about everyone else?
> I assume the people that chimed in on the freeze thread need to decide
> if their work is blocker or desirable?

I would like add both C11 threads support [1] and the final patches
to finally remove the sysdep-cancel.h asm hackery [2].

For C11 I think it generated a consensus that there is no impending
technical issues about current approach using underlying POSIX
primitives and Tovarld also think it is a good idea to add it on

The sysdep-cancel.h one is clean up not only to the cancellation
refactor, but also aims to simplifies a lot new ports additions.
Based that we will most likely have 2 news ports for 2.27, I think
we should get this on 2.26.  The only blocker for it is mainly
the x86_64 syscall refactor for x32, all other ports now do not
use any auto-generated cancelable syscall.


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